The great thing about building instruments is that form and sound arise out of simple natural materials and then become music.

When I started to look more into drone music at the beginning of the 80s, I was immediately fascinated by the sound worlds it opened up. The sound of the drone, which is the key as well as the accompanying tone, struck me as simple yet ingenious. From that time on I searched for this sound and found it in the most diverse music history epochs and genres. The instrument that particularly attracted me was the bagpipe.

From the start I did not simply want to copy existing instruments, but to continually advance my own designs and develop new tonality variations. When designing my instruments I strive for solid craftsmanship, which I have acquired during my training as a wood instrument maker, as well as a balanced sound, comfortable handling, easy playing and individual design. Bagpipes made in my workshop are without exception built by hand and not machines. Since the reeds are the heart of each bagpipe, I place special attention on building them. For example, the sound of my plastic reeds which I build for all bagpipe types and keys is indistinguishable from their wooden originals and they have many advantage

I look with pride on more than 20 years of bagpipe building and the hundreds of instruments which have left my workshop. My bagpipes are played by musicians of many genres from Germany, Europe, the United States, and Japan

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