You would like to learn bagpipe, German smallpipe, hurdy-gurdy or the diatonic button accordion and you want right from the beginning an expert who supports you.
Or are you already advanced on this or other instruments and you are looking for some new input and nice people to play with?
Maybe you just need a little downtime to treat yourself with great experiences, have a short musical vacation and a cosy time.

The Spielkurs is the right place for all of that!

Our annual workshops take place at Torgau one of the most beautyfull Renaissance city in Germany. The next Spielkurs will happen:

28 April - 02 Mai 2022

For our upcoming workshops we have invited amazing bands and fabulous musicians who will support you as experienced teachers
to share their knowledge with you. In addition to the fascinating courses you can expect a lot of great music and dancing, amongst others the big BalFolk Night with the bands:
Auvergnatus, Duo Liard/Madec und Duo Macke/Bornauw an awesome atmosphere, a terrific location and plenty nice people.
The Spielkurs will be definitely a special experience that you shouldn't miss!

You can find all infomations on:


Spielkurs Torgau, Dudelsackkurs, Dudelsack lernen