Bagpipes classes with Bodo

For beginners I offer trial and regular classes on different types of bagpipes. The classes are held either at my workshop or at other places. You don’t have to bring your own instrument, they are available to students for rent. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call: 034223 48798. Additionally, I can recommend very professional regular classes for people in Berlin-Brandenburg with Andrea Hotzko. (see below).


Bagpipes lessons in Berlin with Andrea Hotzko

Andrea Hotzko has been teaching bagpipes for 20 years and is highly experienced in all levels of playing. She has founded her own piping school in Berlin and is director of the German workshop festival „Spielkurs“.

Andrea has an MA in musicology and is still researching about the music landscape in the time of Michael Praetorius with a focus on the Hummelchen (German small-pipe).

She was the first German bagpipe player ever who was invited to be a member of the jury of the renowned "Maîtres Sonneures" competition at the Le Son Continu Festival. In 2016 Andrea received the RUTH Award (German folk music award).

Andrea Hotzko is offering lessons for different types of bagpipes - from absolute beginners (even without knowledge of notes) to advanced students.

She offers also bagpipe lessons in English and French as online lessons.


Andrea Hotzko - bagpipe lessons

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